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  1. Smart Bathroom Tech...Did You Know?

    When it comes to bathroom cabinets and mirrors, we don't usually think of them as being technologically sophisticated. They are simple cabinets with mirrored doors - what more do you need from them? W... Read More »
  2. 10 Step Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

    Text Version: Keep your bathroom gleaming all year round with our 10 step bathroom cleaning checklist. Step 1 - Clear out the bathroom. Remove everything from cupboards, vanity area shelves and an... Read More »
  3. Bathroom Cabinet Buying Guide

    Cabinets are the most convenient storage solutions for the bathroom, but their value goes beyond that. There are many options that can truly bring your bathroom design to life, with a range of designs... Read More »
  4. A Guide To Bathroom Lighting

    When you are considering bathroom design, how much thought do you put into the lighting? It might not be an exaggeration to say that the lighting in your bathroom can be 'make or break' in terms of th... Read More »
  5. Ten of the Greatest Luxury Bathrooms

    Tuscany, Italy This small bathroom resembles a relaxing spa. The mirrors on each wall actually give the illusion of a much larger area. The perfectly placed candle holders will definitely create a ... Read More »
  6. Bathroom Design Ideas

    Whether you’re designing your new bathroom or redesigning your old one, there are plenty of options to choose from. Hundreds of sinks, bathtubs, showers, cabinets, and other accessories are wait... Read More »
  7. Bathroom Decorating Ideas

    Most of us spend at least 30 minutes a day in our bathrooms, especially in the mornings and evenings. Because it plays such a vital role in our daily routine, it’s essential to have a bathroom t... Read More »
  8. Spice Up Your Halloween With These Great Makeup Ideas

    Costumes and makeup have an important role in the Halloween tradition. Closer to the beginning of the Halloween tradition, people would dress up as various types of supernatural beings, such as vampir... Read More »
  9. The Top Five Interior Design Bloggers You Should be Following

    We all imagine a dream house of our own where everything (whether in our kitchen, bathroom or bedroom) is perfectly arranged and meticulously matched to our own exacting standards. ... Read More »
  10. Remodelling Ideas for Small Bathrooms

    Having a small bathroom can be challenging at times. However, thanks to a few smart designs, you can remodel your small bathroom so that it feels and looks more spacious. Due to the limited space, eve... Read More »