We all imagine a dream house of our own where everything (whether in our kitchen, bathroom or bedroom) is perfectly arranged and meticulously matched to our own exacting standards. However, in reality, many of us can’t figure out how add these magical touches to our home, no matter how hard we try!

Luckily, there's a group of people who work tirelessly to spread easy (and some complex!) DIY & designing ideas, as well as projects through their own creative blogs.

Yes, I’m talking about interior design bloggers and here in this blog post, I’ll introduce you to our top 5 bloggers who make it their business to delight and inspire with their creativity and flare.

Jennifer Boles
Exuberant and customary design queen Jennifer Boles blogs on her own blog named “The Peak of Chic” which is considered to be an encyclopedia of interior designs. She meticulously weaves her very in-depth article with ebullient design concepts that can easily take an ardent lover of design to the 19th century. Her blog opens a window of having a great look of different awesome designs.

Jenny Komenda
Jenny Komenda, is an American decorator who blogs regularly on – “Little Green Notebook”. The blog deals mostly with fun, designs, concepts etc. She fills her blog with juicy interior design concepts and DIY ideas that are usuually far from conventional.

Kate Watson-Smyth
You really will be mad about your house after going through her blog “MadAboutTheHouse.com”, as one look at her design concepts will blow your mind. I’m talking about Kate Watson-Smyth,  a 20-year experienced writer of interior design. Kate was awarded with property press awards by securing The Financial Times, "writer of the year award", 2013. A few years later, in 2015, Kate’s blog got the badge of Vuelio NO1 UK Interior Design Blog along with the Amara Interior Blog Awards. She believes in the philosophy of exploring a new you inside your home with exotic flavor of designs.

Jen Stanbrook
From her insatiable love for interior design and home décor, Jen Stanbrook started blogging on “LoveChicLiving.co.uk”. She is a proponent of contemporary interior design that fits easily with the modern era. Not only that, she comes to the table with low cost and cost effective design concepts that don't intimidate the uninitiated.

Stacey Sheppard
A stylish design blogger, writes for her own blog named “TheDesignSheppard.com”. She was able to focus on her life as a design blogger and capitalised on her initial success when her blog was ranked as Top10 Design Blogs on Twitter in 2012. More recently in 2013, Modenus named the blog as one of the best 100 Interior Design Blogs.