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How our Mirrors Work

Our very clever and useful mirrors were inspired by a team of leading interior designers. Their extensive research and development resulted in the creation of some of the most visually stunning and useful illuminated bathroom mirrors ever made. Specifically designed to enhance viewing for make-up application, shaving and personal grooming, like no other mirror.

Our mirrors are packed full of great features aimed at improving your bathroom space and saving you time in your morning routine. We work tirelessly to constant develop new and exciting technology and features, which is why our range of illuminated bathroom mirrors and cabinets are second to none.

All of our bathroom mirrors and cabinets include our amazing heated demister pad technology, which prevents steam from building up. This guarantees a completely clear viewing surface and reflection, no-matter how much steam is in the air.

We also use a touchless power-on switch which is powered by infrared sensor technology. This means that your mirror remains free of finger prints and marks, and the mirrors and cabinets can be switched on by a simple wave of your hand.


Our mirrors also include...

On/Off Motion Sensor
Steam Demister
240v Shaver Socket
Ambient Wall Lighting