Most of us spend at least 30 minutes a day in our bathrooms, especially in the mornings and evenings. Because it plays such a vital role in our daily routine, it’s essential to have a bathroom that’s both comfortable and functional for your needs. You may be looking to create a relaxing personal Spa, or a peaceful retreat from a busy day at the office. Here are our 3 key areas to consider when planning your bathroom decoration.


Choosing the right colour scheme for your bathroom should be your priority. Different colours influence our senses in different ways. When choosing colours, you can either go for a monochromatic look, or you can combine multiple colours. Some of the best monochromatic choices include white, cream, green, and blue. One of the best choices here would be blue, especially since it comes in numerous nuances. On the other hand, going for a multi-coloured palette is also a smart choice. Combining white with strong colours, such as red, purple, orange, or even black can create an atmospheric vibe.


If simply adding colour to your bathroom isn’t enough, creating a personalized theme can make your bathroom stand shine. With virtually limitless choices, creating the right theme to suit your personality will be a walk in the park. One idea would be to transform your bathroom into a classic retreat. To do so, you will need a Baroque-style mirror, sink, and bathtub. To complete the look, you might want to invest in an antique chandelier as well. Giving your bathroom a more modern look requires you to implement glass into your design. Separating the shower from the rest of the bathroom by using glass walls is an increasingly popular trend. Moreover, large wall mirrors will give your bathroom a sleek design. A rustic theme is perfect for more adventurous people. You can use different types of wood and wooden accessories to create a rustic, mountain cabin look.


There’s more to decorating your bathroom than picking the right colours for the walls, or choosing the best theme. It’s also about making the most out of the space you have. Using a bath side table can improve the quality of the time you spend bathing. It provides a good place to lay down your book, or your glass of wine. Smart storage ideas can give your bathroom the illusion of being larger and more luxurious. Using open shelves allows you to save space and display your assortment of towels. Furthermore, you can use one of the shelves to place scented candles or a couple of green plants. Candles make your bathroom look better, but also help you relax while taking a bath: it’s a win-win solution. The high humidity found in a bathroom is perfect for a wide array of plants. Opt for Aloe Vera, bamboo, or even orchids to give your bathroom a look that’s closer to nature.