Whether you’re designing your new bathroom or redesigning your old one, there are plenty of options to choose from. Hundreds of sinks, bathtubs, showers, cabinets, and other accessories are waiting to be picked for a perfect bathroom. A few things that you should keep in mind before going shopping is the size of your bathroom and the overall look you want to give it. You can opt for something modern, a minimal design, or choose something a bit more traditional. Either way, you have to make the most of the space you have at your disposal, ensuring a balance between form and function.

Regarding colour, always select a colour that inspires you or your partner, but try not to overdo it when you come to paint the walls or shop for accessories. Splashes of colour can have a bigger impact than plastering your full bathroom interior with big, bold statement colours.


You can’t design a bathroom without a sink. Luckily, there are multiple designs that can easily fit anyone's needs and personality. For a modern look, you can either choose a type of elevated sink bowl, or go with a more classic style with a cabinet underneath. Both designs will suit a modern bathroom perfectly. Moreover, in case of a bigger bathroom, you can opt for a double-sink that will make it easier for you and your partner to use the bathroom in the morning. Traditional bathrooms can benefit more from sinks mounted on top of a Victorian metal stand. The stand, coupled with other period-style décor items and accessories will give your bathroom a truly traditional vibe.


Various bathtub designs can be chosen for the perfect bathroom. If you’re going with a modern approach, a marble or ceramic bathtub should be perfect. Marble comes in various colours, so it’s possible to find something that matches both your colour palette and theme. Moreover, in regards to placement, you can either opt for the more standard built-in tub, or a much more contemporary freestanding bathtub. Alternatively, a more traditional look can be achieved through opting for a classic copper finish on the contemporary freestanding bathtub. Nothing says “authentic” better than copper bathtubs.


A lot of modern showers are enclosed by glass walls. The walls offer a lot of liberty and give the sensation of spaciousness. Opting to divide your shower by a glass wall can be easily done in any bathroom. Adding extra shower accessories, such as massage heads, can also improve your daily shower routine. To obtain a traditional look, you should opt for a shower with exposed piping. Moreover, Victorian-style faucets and handles will help give your bathroom a nice overall feel and aesthetic.


When shopping for cabinets, it’s important to consider not only looks; but functionality. You don’t want to have a cabinet that look amazing, but offers very little storage space. After all, a multitude of perfume, shampoo, and shower gels, plus other accessories can be found in everyone’s bathroom. You can opt for under-the-sink cabinets, open wall shelves, corner units, and so on. If they’re practical, just choose your favourite style. Our range of Illuminated Cabinets include much needed storage space, as well as being packed full of handy features. These include integrated shaver socket (for charge both electric shavers and toothbrushes), highly efficient LED lights, infrared sensor to switch the LED lights and Audio Bluetooth, which allows you to play music directly from your mobile phone or tablet device.